Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

TEDx Organizers, this course was created to guide you through the process to quickly get your AppBaker TEDx Event App to the App Store.

We have everything you will need for your AppBaker Partnership, how to build your app, how to get your attendees socially connected and get your app to the App Store.


✔ Upgrade your app

✔ Quick Start Guide

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

✔ Partnership

✔ Partner logo & description

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

✔ Add content & branding

✔ Graphics Guide

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

✔ WeLink intro video

✔ WeLink overview

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

✔ WeLink Event Setup, Privacy & FAQs

✔ WeLink event attendee template download at http://welink.com/organizers.jsp

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

✔ App Store Submission

✔ Submit to AppBaker form example


• Lifetime access to 14 lectures

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

• A community of 700+ students learning together!

• Watch courses on the go: video lectures, audio lectures, presentations, articles and anything inside your course.

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

• Watch courses in offline: Save courses for offline viewing so you can watch them while you're on a plane or subway!


"thank you for this. i'm hoping that we can put together a proper show/feedback after our event about how the app gets used, should get used and when. thanks for this!"

-(Mr Philip Campbell ) ★★★★★

"I really enjoyed doing the AppBaker TEDx Event App Starter Pack course. I had very little experience building an app. But thanks to this course I managed to get my app to the app store. The material in this course is clearly and logically presented. The information is well organised and Yeshua is always extremely helpful and was more than willing to clear all my doubts (which, I'm thankful to say, were not many - thanks to the clarity of information in the course)."

【免費教育App】Learn AppBaker - Udemy Course-APP點子

-(Rohan Roberts ) ★★★★★

"The course was well thought out, easy to follow, and will be convenient to revisit during the creation process."

-(Kyle Sleeper ) ★★★★★

Instructed By : Yeshua Adonai And Nathan Chandra

Yeshua is a Executive Director, at Sacramento Sustainability Forum™ 2.0, He lead a dynamic team empower the community to create a more sustainable society. As a Consultant at Systemic Innovation, He help people create healthy systems by identifying new opportunities & solving old problems in new ways.

Nathan Chandra is a strategic leader with value based practices that guide my personal and business decisions. He enjoys the process more than the result. He drives to connect and build community guides the vision of WeLink.

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