Learn French for Kids

【免費教育App】Learn French for Kids-APP點子

If you've ever wanted to teach your child a second language, Learn French for Kids is also the perfect learning tool for brainy babies.

This app contains over 400 commonly used French words including colors, numbers, food drink and animals, all lovingly illustrated and professionally recorded by a native French speaker.

Studies show that children exposed to a second language during the first few years of life can more easily master a language as they get older....This set of French flashcards will help immerse your toddler in some of the most commonly used words in the French language and is perfect for bilingual families who want to give their kids a head start with a new language.

Each flashcard is interactive, which means that your children will be having fun at the same time they are learning.

****** OTHER FEATURES OF “Learn French for Kids”

1. Hundreds of audio files, including words, sound effects, and musical themes produced by professional sound engineers, voice over artists and language experts.

2.Simple Navigation for little fingers

3.Teaches kids how to pronounce (or sound out) letter sounds and recognize words

If you've ever wanted your child to learn French, then this application is perfect for your toddler.

NOTE: the free version comes with Animals only, all other categories will need to be purchased.

CONTACT US: For technical issues and suggestions or requests to support@inkids.com.au

【免費教育App】Learn French for Kids-APP點子

【免費教育App】Learn French for Kids-APP點子

【免費教育App】Learn French for Kids-APP點子

【免費教育App】Learn French for Kids-APP點子

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