Learn Japanese Kanji N2

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

This App has been developed for people interested in practicing Kanji for "N2" level examination of "The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)".

All Kanji in this application are according to the new pattern of JLPT Examination. You can learn "on-yomi" (Chinese Reading), "kun-yomi" (Japanese Reading) and their equivalent English meanings. Each Kanji listing also comes with its "jukugo" (combination of two or more Kanji).

This application also provides a facility for searching particular kanji based on kun-yomi, on-yomi, kanji radical or kanji strokes. You can also take a Kanji test to check your Kanji recognition abilities.

Key usages & benefits:

. Handy Kanji Dictionary

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. Practice Reading Kanji

. Meaning given in Japanese (Hiragana / Katakana) and English

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. Possible Jukugo meanings for each Kanji

. Given Stroke and Radical for each Kanji

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. Can search kanji by kun-yomi, on-yomi, kanji radical or kanji strokes

. Test for your Kanji knowledge

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. 30 Sec timer, for practice of fast recognition. This practice will help you in Exam

. Each question has 3 options to choose from, each test has 15 questions, immediate results

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. You can test your Japanese kanji skills anytime, anywhere, unlimited number of times

. Improves Kanji Knowledge, improves speed of recognizing Kanji.

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

. You can also keep track of your scores and monitor progress

Please note:

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese Kanji N2-APP點子

The JLPT exam board does not prescribe Kanji list for N2 and N3 separately. The Kanji level setting in this App is based on Fidel Softech Pvt Ltd independent research and understanding; and provided in this App merely as a reference.

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