Learn Japanese with Esa

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese with Esa-APP點子

Learn the Japanese kanas, hiragana and katakana, from scratch and challenge yourself in the hiragana and katakana games! Learn the kanas well and unlock new hiragana and katakana characters as you improve and achieve better ratings.

Both the hiragana and katakana games have over a dozen levels which are unlocked by learning the previous hiragana or katakana well!

Learning Japanese vocabulary is now easier than ever! Add your favorite Japanese words into a list in the application and then play the word game.

In the word game, the Japanese word is divided into single kanas which are then shuffled. Then you must rearrange the kanas in the right order to form the wanted word.

Install and start learning Japanese now!

Has been tested on the following phones:

Samsung Galaxy S

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese with Esa-APP點子

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese with Esa-APP點子

LG Optimus it

Sony Xperia acro HD

and tablets:

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese with Esa-APP點子

Motorola Xoom

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

【免費教育App】Learn Japanese with Esa-APP點子

If there are any issues with the application, please report them to me. Include your device brand and model.

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