Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ

【免費教育App】Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ-APP點子

★ "Kmaru QUIZ" provides more than 7,500 basic words.

【免費教育App】Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ-APP點子

★ Study Korean with Kmaru!

• Be Based on The Invented Principle of Han-geul and Korean Language.

【免費教育App】Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ-APP點子

• Support 7,500 most frequent Korean Words based on Statistics information.

【免費教育App】Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ-APP點子

• Support three types quizzes in order to evaluate: Reading, Meaning and Listening.

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【免費教育App】Learn Korean - Kmaru QUIZ-APP點子

"Kmaru QUIZ" has developed by Kmaru.com that helps to learn Han-geul and Korean.

The contents of "Kmaru QUIZ" are also offered at the site www.Kmaru.com.

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