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Naam Raamayanam is the condensed story of Bhagvaan Shri Raam and is broken down into seven kaands (Baal, Ayodhya, Aranya, Kishkinda, Sundar, Yuddh or Lanka and Uttar). It presents the glory of Shri Ram per his divine past times in each of the kaands. This condensed representation helps devotees to meditate on the transcendental deeds of Lord Shri Raam. Reading Raamayanam daily and meditating on the name of 'Raam' brings a person closer to self-realization and God and thus absolves us of all of our sins.

* Learn to sing Shri Naam Raamayanam with Audio at your own pace

【免費音樂App】Learn Nama Ramayanam-APP點子

* Script can be read in Sanskrit, English and Tamil. Telugu & Kannada scripts coming

【免費音樂App】Learn Nama Ramayanam-APP點子

* English translation is also available

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Credits to Sundar Kidami for singing this beautiful prayer.

【免費音樂App】Learn Nama Ramayanam-APP點子

【免費音樂App】Learn Nama Ramayanam-APP點子

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