Learn to Read, Write and Spell

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

"Learn to Read, Write and Spell" app is specially designed for tablet users, it is a perfect INTERACTIVE LEARNING App for kids as it uses graphics and fun games as a medium to teach children to -

- Recognize letters

- Understand sound & keyword for each letter of the alphabet

- Read by blending letters to form words

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Write by tracing each letter

- Spell by seeing and hearing sounds of each letter and blending them

- Pronunciation with visual guides provided and hearing their sounds

Learning English made easy and fun where every lesson is followed by interesting Games to test what you have learned.

> Designed for childrens, adolescents or even adults, who have

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Learning Disabilities - LD

*Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems.

*These processing problems can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and/or math.

- ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Dyslexia (disability that affects reading and related language-based processing skills)

- Dyscalculia (specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts)

- Dysgraphia (specific learning disability that affects a person’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills)

- Language Processing Disorder (LPD)

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Are reading below their expected level

- Cannot Encode or Decode words

> Key Features:

- Interactive Games to test your skills

- Progress Report for monitoring improvement

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Divided into simple lessons(Letters Lesson, Reading Lesson, Writing Lessons, Spelling Skills, Language Skills, Dictionary Skills)

The App first teaches all the letters of the alphabet, then proceeds to teach all the skills one needs to read on a sixth grade level.

This multisensory reading, spelling and penmanship(writing) program builds an association between symbols and sounds in the English language through self-paced repetition. It utilizes the close association of visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements to help students improve their language skills.

> This app is Recommended for:

- Public/Private Schools (resource rooms, special education classes, ESL programs)

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

- Libraries/Literacy Centers

- Home schooling - Home computers

- Correctional, Rehabilitation, Youth Detention Centers and Vocational Facilities

- Community Colleges (LD Resource Centers)

> Extensive practice in Reading, Spelling and Penmanship(Writing) throughout the usage of App.

Students and Teachers can move to different lessons/modules in the app by utilizing the progress report.

【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

They can click on the "DOWN ARROW" after the short introduction. This will take them to a progress report. The names of the modules, in the app, are located on the left side of the screen (letter, reading, spelling, writing, language and dictionary lessons). When you select them, the voice will identify the name of the module. Next to each module are numbered buttons which correspond to the numbered lessons. One may select any numbered button and go right to the lesson of their choice.

Teachers can decide if they wish to have a student follow the sequence, as it is presented in the app, or may decide to use the app to reinforce a particular reading skill which was just introduced in class.

Download FULL version “Learn to Read and Spell Pro” for all the lessons and Modules. This FREE version of our app only contains the Introduction, History of English and First Lesson of each module.

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【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子


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【免費教育App】Learn to Read, Write and Spell-APP點子

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