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Let’s Play 20-20 is an unofficial application that has a wealth of information about all the 20-20 World Cups. It’s all about the history of 20-20 Cricket World Cups. Featuring Groups, Matches, Extra Shots and Trivia of all the 20-20 Cricket World Cups. It also includes exclusive behind the scenes from the events. In addition, the app contains all the scores, statistics and insider news from the tournaments, as well as results of the competing teams. This cricket app is all that you need to keep yourself updated with the scores, player statistics, records of all 20-20 World Cups. This app comes with a user-friendly interactions not seen on any cricket app for Android yet.

Key Features:

• A quick look at all previous T-20 World Cup.

• Provides users various information – from the basic to all the way up to a detailed league matches.

• Know schedules of previous WC to upcoming WC.

• Browse through all international teams and players.

【免費網游RPGApp】Let's Play 20-20让我们玩20-20-APP點子

• Coverage of each every match of previous world cups.

• Matches section where you can easily access results and schedules of tournaments.

• Extra Shots section where you can find ‘behind the scenes’ from the events.

• Many more interesting features to keep you hooked to the game of cricket.



【免費網游RPGApp】Let's Play 20-20让我们玩20-20-APP點子

•快速浏览一下以前所有的T- 20世界杯。

•为用户提供各种信息 - 从基础到一路攀升到一个详细的联赛。





【免費網游RPGApp】Let's Play 20-20让我们玩20-20-APP點子



【免費網游RPGApp】Let's Play 20-20让我们玩20-20-APP點子

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