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Let's Print PDF is a companion app for Let's Print Droid. (ARM, x86 CPU's only.) These apps allow Cloud-free printing on android.

Let's Print PDF acts as a PDF rendering engine, allowing Let's Print Droid to generate PCL and Postscript for PDF files. (a la GhostScript.)

To actually print a PDF file, you must install and run Let's Print Droid. By itself, Let's Print PDF acts only as a PDF viewer.

Let’s Print Droid (LPD) combined with Let's Print PDF is print enabling software for Android phones and Tablets.

If you have a business grade laser or print server (CUPS,LPR,SAMBA, etc) , the app will talk directly to them without any off-site conversion. No print data leaves your local network unless you choose the GCP (Google Cloud Print) option. Most other print apps ship your PDF to a cloud server to convert it to something your printer understands.

- Works on devices using Android 2.3 or greater.

- Designed to print to wifi connected laser printers.

- ideal for connecting to print servers as it understands most protocols: Line Printer Daemon, IPP/CUPS, Server Message Block/CIFS, HTTP, JetDirect/RAW, etc.

【免費商業App】Let's Print PDF-APP點子

- use the Share or Send function of another Android app to print.

- supports Google Cloud Print. Just choose Cloud Print from the Protocol option list in the Add Printer dialog box.

- can print PDFs, Jpeg, PNG, GIF images, Text Documents, GMails and static web pages.

- includes generic PCL,POSTSCRIPT & PDF drivers if your printer does not understand Raw image files.

- It allows visiting Android users to print with minimal configuration by the user. Load the app, scan a QR code; the document prints.

- Proxy Print Server mode (under the Browser Mode menu item) lets you print photos from your iPad/iPhone or other device.

- Bonjour (AirPrint) / Avahi Printer Discovery using multicast DNS. Hit menu->New Printer and choose Scan option.

Let's Print PDF is a minor variation of the MuPDF Android Project. This app is distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 license. The source for this app can be found at http://code.google.com/p/lets-print-pdf

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