Letters & Numbers Railroad

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

Created for pre-reading children, Letters & Numbers Railroad helps children learn to recognize and pronounce letters and numbers. L&N Railroad provides an intuitive and positive gaming experience for young users. Rather than penalizing mistakes, children are able to try repeatedly to find the correct answer, allowing a high degree of success and building confidence. With an engaging train theme, L&N Railroad will keep your child interested and entertained while they learn. Letters & Numbers Railroad was inspired by the designers' 3 year old son. His interest in finding things that match as well as his love of trains prompted us to create the L&N Railroad game. Our hope is that your child will love playing and learning from Letters & Numbers Railroad as much as our son does.


-Selectable Content Areas:


【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

--lower case alphabet


-Learning through Visual and Audial Recognition

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

-Selectable modes to match child's progress and skills:

--Visual Match

--Match Sight to Sound

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

-Alphabetical/Numerical or Random Modes

-Train themed game keeps child's interest while they learn

-Confidence building easy game play

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

-For ages 2 to 6

-No Internet Access Required

-No Advertisements

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

-Graphics Optimized for Phones and devices with screens up to 4 inches

-Compatible with Tablets

For best appearance on Tablets and High Resolution Devices, purchase Letters & Numbers Railroad - HD available through Google Play:


【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

Letters & Numbers Railroad is the premier Android release from StudioWitte. StudioWitte hosts a variety of creative works from our Husband and Wife team of architects.

【免費教育App】Letters & Numbers Railroad-APP點子

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