Lie Detector: True Scanner

【免費益智App】Lie Detector: True Scanner-APP點子

Lie Detector: True Scanner is a game of ‘tell me a story’ and ‘I'll tell you if it’s true or false (a lie or the truth)

This is an application that can detect lies through the touch screen and by detecting the following physical changes in the body of the person being interrogated:

★ Changes in emotional state

★ Blood pressure

【免費益智App】Lie Detector: True Scanner-APP點子

★ Mood detection

★ Finger sweating

【免費益智App】Lie Detector: True Scanner-APP點子

★ Finger temperature

Whether someone is lying or telling the truth, you’ll know it.

Just place a finger (preferably the thumb) on the fingerprint sensor, interrogate your suspects and then ask them to remove their finger.

Lie Detector: True Scanner has all the answers you need (in a binary way) .

Investigate the truth about the sex or gender of a person; ask about the veracity of a romance; get to know your true friends; find out who deceives you; confirm the truth in a game of truth or dare. The Loch Ness Monster really exist?

The future is in your hands with the Lie Detector: True Scanner.

Sure ... remember that this application can’t really do any of what I said. Simply use it to have fun with your friends and family!

【免費益智App】Lie Detector: True Scanner-APP點子

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