LifeBalance Guide

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

A simple way to lose weight and stay slim over a long period of time. The method was tested by numerous people who were too busy or reluctant to follow strict diets or engage in intensive training. This is maximum expertise in a nutshell.

„The author has been very successful in transferring management principles, which he effectively uses in business, to the area of losing weight and improving health and fitness.” – Bohdan W. Oppenheim, Professor of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

You will find tips on how to effectively use your potential and time to develop a self-improvement plan which is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. This guide will help you to introduce changes you dream of without excessive effort or sacrifice, but in the most enjoyable way.

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

Common sense is the bottom line. You will find out how to make your life better using a step-by-step approach to change. You will also learn about ways to maintain what you have achieved and to stay slim and fit for many years. You will change your life only as much as you want to. Most importantly, thanks to this method introducing changes will be fun.

At the end of this guide you will find an implementation plan for subsequent 56 weeks. This will help you to develop your own self-improvement programme.

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

This application features:

• “Life Balance – Guide” contains a thorough description of the proposed approach and offers suggestions on how to avoid various traps, and also how to draw satisfaction from the programme on a daily basis,

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

• Tips and suggestions (the expert system) on what to do and how to plan,

• Reminders for the user,

• An opportunity to record results – your weight and a graphic representation of your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index),

【免費健康App】LifeBalance Guide-APP點子

• Comparing user’s results with the reference results (BMI).

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