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【免費社交App】Lifeshare Mobile-APP點子

Lifeshare aims at improving the wellbeing of elderly people, specially the ones with limited mobility, by reinforcing the feelings of togetherness and connectedness between them and their relatives

With the Lifeshare Mobile app you can easily share your life stories with the people most dear to you.

You only need to install the app and configure it once, Lifeshare will do the rest.

【免費社交App】Lifeshare Mobile-APP點子

After installing Lifeshare, you can continue with your activities as you usually do and Lifeshare will automatically create cards using your context information and send them only to the people that you specifically choose.

【免費社交App】Lifeshare Mobile-APP點子

The cards can be sent automatically after being created (if you choose so) or you can manually select which cards to share. You can also control the level of detail of the information contained in the cards.

With Lifeshare you are in control of your information, you control what is shared, how it is shared and with who it is shared. You choose specifically who receives your cards You choose how you want to create the cards and when to share them.

Remember that the people that want to receive the cards need to install the Lifeshare Tablet app.

【免費社交App】Lifeshare Mobile-APP點子

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