Lightseek app calculates the local sunrise and sunset times for your location. Moon phase is shown graphically and in writing.

Take better photos by simply knowing when the sun sets and rises. This is a great tool for photographers and hikers! The sunrise and sunset times are extremely useful if you want to take good looking photos. To get good landscape photos you should be at the shooting location near sunset or sunrise, usually the best photos can be taken just after sunrise or just before sunset, but sometimes the light and sky can look good for as long as one hour after sunset while the sky gradually turns blue. The reason photos often look bad in the midday sun is that the light has very sharp shadow edges and the light intensity is too high. Take better photos with the help of this app!

Permissions needed: Coarse Location, used to calculate the sunset and sunrise times based on your location.

Swipe the hour wheel at bottom to move backward and forward in time.


Since this is an early version I would appreciate if you could send me any feedback on the application to: Please mail me if you have questions or problems with the app. Thank you.



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