Limo n Taxi Fleet App

【免費交通運輸App】Limo n Taxi Fleet App-APP點子

Limo & Taxi operators -or any fleet manager- can use this app to track the drivers locations on the map minute-by-minute, know their status (Free/Busy) and to dispatch new orders or send them important notifications.

It is part of an affordable complete dispatching system that uses the drivers smart phones for location sharing and messaging, and powered by full-fledged web-based dispatching application to be used by the fleet manager or the call center dispatchers.

companies need to signup on the to start a FREE trial. No need for credit card and no commitment to buy after the trail expires.

The App supports English and Arabic Languages.

Can be customized to add your logo and brand, and you can also request a *Passenger App* for your clients

The system and App features:

1- The App allows the driver to switch from Free/Busy and select -optionally- his/her destination

2- The driver can receive unlimited *FREE* number of messages from the back office dispatchers/agents (using our messaging server). This is useful to exchange traffic info updates or warnings.

3- The driver receives new orders and has the option to Accept/Reject

【免費交通運輸App】Limo n Taxi Fleet App-APP點子

4- The driver get information about pick-up and drop off locations and map-view during the trips

5- The driver can view his/her profile details including number of trips executed per day/month/ever

6- The driver can receive and save future orders as well as the instant orders

7- The driver can set and change his/her preferred working zones for the "future orders"

8- The driver updates each order with status changes; GTC: Going To Customer - CoB: Customer on Board - TC: Trip Completed

Using mobile apps to track your fleet and field teams isn't only a great saving for the GPS devices budgets and maintenance hassles; it also provide unprecedented capabilities:

- Automate your business and daily operation

【免費交通運輸App】Limo n Taxi Fleet App-APP點子

- Customers data management (automatic updates to the customer lifetime-value and managing addresses)

- Orders management; Create orders (address suggestions and saving customers preferred addresses), Assign/reassign/Cancel bookings

- Dispatching recommendations, based on drivers availability, proximity, workload, and drivers rating

- Operation control for quality assurance; Orders to be assigned, ongoing executing, late pickups, collect customers ratings for drivers..

- Fraud detection, identify too short or too long trips which indicates data inconsistency or drivers not using the apps properly

- Online documentation and friendly offline and live support over Skype

【免費交通運輸App】Limo n Taxi Fleet App-APP點子

Today, Travel, Shuttle, Delivery and Transportation-service providers needn't to worry about purchasing software, preparing servers/networks infrastructure; they can simply use LimonTaxi cloud service, and leave al the IT/Tech work to us!

Contact us for free product demo and ask about the special offers.

The solution works everywhere, and our friendly support service is available in both English and Arabic languages.

Skype: limontaxi

【免費交通運輸App】Limo n Taxi Fleet App-APP點子

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