This application is a software for carrying out the traffic volume survey of smartphone (traffic amount for each line, the amount of traffic each application classification). Person who cooperate with the traffic volume survey, please use it.

For smartphone traffic volume survey, we have collected the following information. Personally identifiable information such as a telephone number and terminal identifier does not collect. The collected data can be summarized as the statistical data, and does not use in a form that personally identifiable.

Before you get use of this application, please refer to the following "Software License Agreement". The use of this application, you must have the consent of this Agreement.

Software product license


Collecting information

-Terminal information (communication operators, user agent (terminal model name, OS information), battery information, location information, random ID to allocate to the terminal)

- Communication line information (base station information, connection line, connection speed, wave intensity, IP address)

- Communication information (communication amount for each line, the amount of communication per application)

Location information, in order to prevent personally identifiable location, acquires location information about, and then collected into a coarse position information. Specifically, I get about position information of using a network base station information. Precise location information using the GPS does not use. In addition, the acquired position information, you can collect by the latitude and longitude in the rough information of 0.05 degrees.

Random ID to allocate to a terminal, when the application is first started, you assign a random ID. This random ID, use the same ID until you delete the application. Without collecting personal information, you can use in order to aggregate the amount of traffic each terminal.

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