Lists! is the donate version of the app. There is no difference between Lists! and Lists! Free. Please feel free to use the free version, and if you like it enough to contribute some pocket change, then you can purchase this app. If you join the Google group of beta testers you'll always get advanced versions of the app, whenever I make any updates.

Lists! is a simple app to do a simple thing, but it does it very well: let you keep lists. Lists! is optimized for keeping track of anything, on-the-go. Super fast, get-in-and-get-out interface allows you to easily add, edit, mark or delete items without extra screens or clicks getting in your way. Just open the app and you're instantly looking at your lists.

Suddenly realize you need something from the store, but are at work? Just add it to your list! Want to keep track of items you commonly need to take with you when you travel, so you won't forget anything? Make a list! Got a bunch of stuff to do around the house? Look at your list!

In Lists!, you can create, edit, reorder lists on the fly, any time, any where. You can also tap an item to mark it as complete, but keep it on the list. Very useful for lists that keep track of things that you need to do often. Once you're done marking items, you can unmark them in one action.

Lists! Contains the following features:


★ Two themes: Dark and Light


★ Create/Edit/Delete lists


★ Create/Edit/Delete list items


★ Sync Lists! data to your Google account, so you can access the same lists on all of your Android devices


★ Reorder lists using drag and drop


★ Back up lists to configurable path on SDCard, and restore from that path (helpful for ROM flashers like me)


★ Optional display of numbering in each list


★ Clear a list out in one action


★ Alphabetize a list in one action


★ Push all marked items to the bottom of the list in one action

★ Easy marking of complete items

★ Remove or unmark all marked items in one action

★ Change font size (helpful for older devices and tablets)

★ Floating action button (part of Material Design) is optional

Explanation of Permissions:


★ Modify/Delete USB storage - for back/restore feature

★ Vibrator control - for haptic feedback on screen elements which do not have it by default

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