Live Diabetes Premium

【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子

LiveDiabetes Premium is an application ideal for diabetics because the user has in the palm of his hand functions that can help to control the diabetes.

【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子


【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子

  - Insert records any time of day with date, time, tag and colored labels according to the glucose level.

【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子

  - Monthly charts for greater control of diabetes.

【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子

  - Possibility to export monthly records (with monthly statistics and daily statistics) to pdf to the memory of the device, so the user will have all your records for each month saved.

【免費健康App】Live Diabetes Premium-APP點子

  - Send e-mails with the generated pdf as an attachment.

Any questions, suggestions or reporting errors can be reported via e-mail:

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