Live Servers - for Minecraft

【免費書籍App】Live Servers - for Minecraft-APP點子

Ever been bored and needed to find some Servers? Look no further. Live Servers for Minecraft lets users find every Live Server listed on our site!

User submissions available for Servers! If you are a server owner, look into getting yours added!

Features include:

- Servers with 1000's of players!

【免費書籍App】Live Servers - for Minecraft-APP點子

- Find tons of servers available for PE, PC, and more.

- Sort by PvP mode, creative mode, survival games, and more!

【免費書籍App】Live Servers - for Minecraft-APP點子

- Game modes include: PvP, PvE, Economy, Mini Games, McMMO, Factions, and more!


This unofficial app is not authored, affiliated, or endorsed by Mojang AB and the creators of Minecraft. This app is following the commercial guidelines set out by

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