This is a free app provided by both the London Borough of Sutton and the London

Borough of Merton working in partnership with Hounslow and Richmond Community

Healthcare NHS Trust. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use. It can be


used as a standalone tool or designed to assist users of the LiveWell Sutton &

Merton service. The LiveWell service is available to help individuals living or

working in either Sutton or Merton to make changes to their lifestyle to improve


their health.

This app has been designed to:

Enable people to locate services promoted by the LiveWell service which are

available across the boroughs of Sutton and Merton e.g. stop smoking services,


pharmacies, walk in centres, etc.

Enable people to set healthy lifestyle goals in the areas of smoking, drinking,

physical activity, healthy eating and record and monitor results over a period of



Provide basic information on topics like healthy eating, smoking, drinking, and

physical activity.


Provide a link to the LiveWell website and referral form for receiving more help

from the service.

A link to the LiveWell website to locate activities happening near you.

Download the app to help support you in marking changes and start living a healthier



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