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*** Sony Ericsson LiveView device is REQUIRED for proper work ***


This has happened to all of us once!

An inopportune call in the middle of an important meeting, while you are driving

or wherever it would be just inconvenient to answer the call...

You cannot answer the phone, but you just wish not to ignore the call

How to explain to whoever is calling the situation?

Well, the solution is Answer-it!

An easy-to-use application that allows you to send short messages SMS, in response to calls ignored,

without having to get your cellphone out of your pocket.

Use instructions are as simple as this:

【免費通訊App】LiveView Answer-it SMS Free-APP點子

- Start your LiveView plugin and you will see the last 5 people who have called you and a reply message.

- Use the left and right edges to change the message, and up or down edges to change the recipient.

- Press the button and the message will be sent!

All without having to take the phone out of your pocket!

And if that wasn't enough, in addition to the eleven predetermined messages (available in French, Italian,

Spanish and English), Answer-it allows you to set your own custom messages.

Github code (see the code, copy, share and make your own things with it)


【免費通訊App】LiveView Answer-it SMS Free-APP點子


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