Livia condo at Pasir Ris Grove, Singapore - "Located in the east of Singapore, 61 – 81 Pasir Ris Grove, Singapore 518205, District 18, this unique development come with a clean modern design. The apartments are specially oriented in a North South direction. This allow cool breeze from nearby sea coast at Pasir Ris Beach into your home which enhances natural ventilation into your house.

Livia Condominium is designed to create a sense of lightness and space with its sprawling, well-positioned blocks. Planters in every apartment brings you closer to nature as they give you the privilege of adorning your home with colourful flowers and plants. Livia has vast communal areas which feature an impressive waterscape linking to dazzling flora and fauna.

Livia, the condo has a spacious land of 447,000 sq ft. It is divided into 4 zones of facilities catered for everyone in the family:

1) Aqua zone - Wi-Fi enabled, Pool Lounge, pool cabana, aqua gyms, spa alcoves

2) Action zone - Rock and net climbing, basketball court, "Tree house" which overlook the scenic Sungei Api Api, the natural swamp habitat.

3) Garden zone - Heliconia, Lily, Alphnia, Iris, and Hibiscus Courts.

4) Leisure zone - BBQ Pavilion, children's play area, clubhouse, Gym.

This app is design to help residents or visitors to gain access of the information of the project such as project details, site plan, location plan, floor plan etc.




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