Living Aquarium Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Living Aquarium Wallpaper-APP點子

Stunningly designed relaxing fish tank wallpaper for those who want to have their own aquarium on the phone.

Bright 3D fish, shells and plant turn your home screen into magic water kingdom. Just install and relax watching smooth fish movements on your home screen. Plunge into the atmosphere of underwater beauty.

This wallpaper is designed for all handsets, you just need to download and install it.

In order to use it, do the following:

【免費個人化App】Living Aquarium Wallpaper-APP點子

Menu button on you home screen -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers -> Living Aquarium Wallpaper -> Set Wallpaper -> Enjoy

This app will enhance your user experience by adding a floating on-top-widget that will enable you to interact seamlessly with your social networks, search the web and read your favorite content on top of any app – without switching apps. Additionally, the floating on-top-widget may display useful offers and free coupons that support our development. Should you ever become dissatisfied with this widget please let us know and, of course, it may be easily stopped/deleted by dragging the close icon to the pause icon. Thanks for downloading and enjoy this brand new way of using your phone.

【免費個人化App】Living Aquarium Wallpaper-APP點子

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