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Living Life SolutionsHome Fall PreventionAs more seniors wish to remain in their homes rather than in an assisted living or nursing home setting, they must often cope with falls as an ever-present risk. The Living Life Solutions app allows a Home Health Agency or other patient case management company to assist the patient by reviewing both the patient condition and the residence to identify not only the areas of risks for falls, but potential solutions to mitigate those risks.The system consists of two components:A web based application that allows the provider organization to • Perform patient intake (sign up)• Have a supervisor assign the patient to an assessor• Have the assessor schedule his/her time to do the assessment• Based on the assessment, Edit report recommendations Create and export a detailed report for delivery to the client• Archive the resultsA supporting iPad app to allow data entry of information about the patient, and then inspect the home (onsite) gathering pertinent information about individual features of the house such as the shower or the floor condition.The data is automatically synchronized between the web application and the iPad app. At any given point in time, the iPad for a given assessor only contains patient information for those patients assigned to him/her, and not marked complete.The iPad app is able to function offline (while out of cellular range in the field) and re-synchronize once back in range.In order to test the iPad app, Apple staff will have to contact the LLS testing supervisor and have her set up an assessor logon in the test environment, and create some mock patients to be downloaded to the iPad and assessed.

【免費醫療App】Living Life Solutions-APP點子

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