Living Lines Wallpaper Lite

【免費個人化App】Living Lines Wallpaper Lite-APP點子

An OpenGL enabled Line Bouncing Live Wallpaper.

The free version, with limited features, type "FarrandCorp" into the market search to get the full wallpaper.

Highly customisable to suit all kinds of devices from Android 2.1 up. You can change the settings so far that it can look like completely different Live Wallpapers!

Settings include:

Number of Lines Rendered - limited to 3

【免費個人化App】Living Lines Wallpaper Lite-APP點子

Number of Line Trails - limited to 30

Line Width

Fully customisable Line Colours - hue only, no brightness

The full version has none of the above mentioned limitations and its only 50p/$0.99! it also includes additional Render Delay settings to improve Performance/Battery life.

If you like/don't like it, let me know why! RATE IT and leave a comment or send me some feedback if you want some more features.


Visit for details of releases and upcoming updates.

**PLEASE NOTE!!** This is a live wallpaper and will not show up in your applications drawer, please use the menu button on your home screen, select "wallpaper", then "live wallpapers" and pick it from there. Any problems, drop me an e-mail, I'm happy to help.

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