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【免費生產應用App】Local Time Book-APP點子

This Application will be useful for All brothers and sisters that work on the Waterfront or are associated with the Waterfront. This Application will enable you to track and record your Hours Easier, Faster and at your Fingertips. Local Timebook App will:

-Let you record Ship, Company, Berth, Job Title, and Hours Worked.

-The App will calculate All Hours Entered

【免費生產應用App】Local Time Book-APP點子

-Will Allow you to Speed Dial Important numbers stored on your Profile Screen with a click of a button.

-Will Allow you to see Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Logs

【免費生產應用App】Local Time Book-APP點子

-Will Allow you to Email Monthly Reports for Printing

-Will Allow you to Enter, View and Modify any Entry using a Different Device (Android Phone or even an iPad, Itouch)

Recording Hours has never been Easier and simple. You can quickly enter your Daily Hours and Job title by simply using Pull-down tabs.

You will be able to set up a User Name and Password that will enable you to access you Timebook account. With the use of User name and Password you will be able to access your Local Timebook Application from Device.

User Set-up: You will first need to Set-up Name; Work ID#, Record Speed Dial Numbers; Email Account and Year to Date Hours prior to downloading the App under Profile page. Remember you can always continue setting up your profile at a later time. just click save profile and continue

Speed Dial: You will have the option to Store important phone numbers such as Check In, Job Count and Business Agent’s Phone number.

Daily Log: You will be able enter your Daily Job and Hours worked and have them tracked on your app.

Email: You will have the option to Email job history to your personal email account; which will allow you to print out.

YTD: any hours prior to buying the App

What Makes this App So Amazing, its that You will not longer have to worry about losing your timebook EVER!!!!!. Even if you lose your iPhone or Accidentally Delete the App from your Screen. All you need to do to get back All your information is Download the App, Enter your User Name and Password; Hit the Restore button and All your information will be Restored Once Again. Amazing!!!!!

So Make Life Easier Guys, Download this App and have your iPhone keep track of your Hours. Stop carrying that Old Timebook in your back Pocket.You can visit us at http://www.localtimebook.com for a quick guided on how to use. Any questions or concerns; contact edgarmendez@localtimebook.com

God Bless & Work SAFE!

【免費生產應用App】Local Time Book-APP點子

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