Shows the distance and angle between you and locations you set in the rader type screen.

NEW "target mode" shows those data continuously, so you can use like a navigation system.


* Accuracy of GPS and compass are dependent on you device.


Update 2.0

- New target mode

- some design changes

- displays the angle on the rader

Update 1.4


- changed the trial policy.

Update 1.3

- fixed crash bugs

- shows the locations of the group on the map while editing the target.



1. Add points of your interest.

- Go to "set target" page.

- Selecte "add location" to go to map page.

- Drag map or search by words and save the position.

- Go back to rader page


2. Start Rader

- Just click the "On" button.

Compass and GPS will be started.

3. Show the detail.

- Tap the point in the rader

red circle is your position.



- group cannot be added.

- number of locations to be set is limited


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