Do you find it difficult to create and remember passwords that are complex enough to be secure, yet still easy enough to recall? Are you an administrator who needs to efficiently generate many initial passwords for new users?

There are many password generation apps on the market, but Locket has unique features to get the job done. To improve the security of your accounts, use Locket! Using your original photos, this app processes image data to instantly generate unique passwords that contain both letters and numbers. The generated passwords are then automatically copied to the user’s clipboard. To obtain the same password again, users must only remember which photo was used and the chosen password length.

First, select a photo from either your local image gallery or from an online account, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, set password length using the app’s dropdown menu. Your unique password will then be copied directly to the clipboard!


· Ad-free

· Flexible configuration


· Password lengths of up to 100 characters

· Simple interface

· Works seamlessly across all Android smartphones & tablets


· Coded by programmer familiar with password security and hacking methods

Many thanks to Alex Wekell for the wonderful new icon design!


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