Log File Viewer

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

A simple - but powerful - viewer for .log files.

* Optimized for performance - handles large files very well.

* Built-in search function

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

* Custom colored highlighting of INFO, WARN and ERROR log messages (Pro)

* Ad free

A common use case for Log File Viewer is that someone sends you an email with an attachment having the .log file ending. Log File Viewer lets you display the contents of this file with a single tap of your finger. No separate downloading is required. This is particularly useful for users who used to receive the message "There is no installed app that can open this attachment." when trying to open .log files.

* Optimized for performance *

Log File Viewer only actually renders the lines that are visible on your screen. This enables it to keep memory usage to a minimum and handle large files with great speed.

* Built-in search function *

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

The built-in search function lets you find any text in your log file. The found string is highlighted in green. This is very useful when looking for specific information in your log files.

* Custom highlighting *

Log files very often have different kinds of messages - infos, warnings, errors, etc. It's extremely helpful when reading log files to be able to visually distinguish these different log levels. Log File Viewer lets you configure the strings which identify INFO, WARNING and ERROR messages and then highlights lines containing these strings in yellow, orange and red, respectively (Pro only).

* Permissions *

The only permission Log File Viewer requires is read access to your phone or tablet's external storage. The *only* reason for this is to be able to display log files which are stored there. Log File Viewer never reads any data other than the log files it displays to you.

* Log File Viewer Pro *

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

Most functionality of this app is available in the free version. Some features require purchasing a Pro version from within the app:

+ Repeated searches

+ Custom color highlighting

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

+ Changing the font size

The money thus earned will be used to sustain the further development of this project.

【免費工具App】Log File Viewer-APP點子

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