London Transit (LTC) Buses

【免費交通運輸App】London Transit (LTC) Buses-APP點子

Find arrival times for all London Transit (LTC) buses (in London, Ontario, Canada) at a particular stop. No need to select route and direction first.

Note: with students returning the LTC WebWatch service is very slow, particularly in the late afternoon. This app depends on WebWatch, please report a problem only if WebWatch is also down. Also, please install the app (and download bus data) at some time other than late afternoon.

Automatically remembers your favourite stops, or shows nearby stops using GPS.

Although it uses data from the the London Transit Commission website, it is not affiliated with the LTC so please do not report problems to the LTC. See "About" menu in the app for how to report problems.

If you can't get arrivals or download routes it's probably because WebWatch is down. If the URL is down or doesn't work, that's the problem, wait a bit and try again. If it's up, report a bug.

LTC Buses is open-source, free-to-use and shows no ads. See the website for more details.

【免費交通運輸App】London Transit (LTC) Buses-APP點子

【免費交通運輸App】London Transit (LTC) Buses-APP點子

【免費交通運輸App】London Transit (LTC) Buses-APP點子

【免費交通運輸App】London Transit (LTC) Buses-APP點子

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