Longboard SpeedMeter

【免費體育競技App】Longboard SpeedMeter-APP點子

We are Longboarders. We love skating. Downhill. Fast!

How fast? Well that’s what the Longboard SpeedMeter is for.

【免費體育競技App】Longboard SpeedMeter-APP點子

Record your speed, time, distance, vertical drop and slope using the GPS sensor in your phone (the better your phone, the more accurate the results). You can also save your location and start a list of your favourite spots.

Why another speedometer? Because this one’s from skaters for skaters. We love pushing our limits. We love the adrenaline. And we love riding and competing with our friends! It just feels great. We’re stoked each time we get to the bottom of a hill. No matter how steep or how long, we find a way to break a personal record every time we step on a board. It’s the art of progression. And we’re addicted!

【免費體育競技App】Longboard SpeedMeter-APP點子

Push your skills and go faster, whether you’re riding with friends or alone. Through our social network links you won't just push your own limits; you’ll be up against a global collective of speed freaks who are just waiting for you to challenge them! And if you’re running out of spots, great hills or riders to compete with, check out the spot finder and our downhill communities on LongboardCommunity.org and YouSpots.com.

Start up the app, drop in, record, save and have all your fastest runs in your pocket. Get those stats out on social media and return to the hill with your friends in tow, hungry for the stoke of a new record and another broken boundary.

【免費體育競技App】Longboard SpeedMeter-APP點子

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【免費體育競技App】Longboard SpeedMeter-APP點子

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