Longman Diccionario Conciso

【免費教育App】Longman Diccionario Conciso-APP點子

English-Spanish, Spanish-English Dictionary

Para Estudiantes De Nivel Intermedio – Avanzado

For Intermediate - Advanced Students of English

The best tool for learning English

• Over 250,000 words, meanings, phrases and examples

• 75,000 examples show English as it is really used, with Spanish translations to help students understand the meanings

• Specially-written language notes help students avoid the mistakes most commonly made by Spanish learners

• 6000 synonyms, antonyms and thesaurus notes help students build their vocabulary

• Covers all varieties of Latin American Spanish

• Listen to natural English pronunciation for all headwords (internet access required)

• Simple and fast search system

• Notes that help you avoid the 100 most common mistakes in English

【免費教育App】Longman Diccionario Conciso-APP點子

• Comments that explain the differences in words in the same meaning area

• Hundreds of colour illustrations (internet connection required)

• Full contents of the LONGMAN Conciso Dictionary

• The top 3,000 most frequent words in spoken and written English are highlighted to show which are the most important to know.

• Search history function

• Book mark facility

• Progressive look-up for quick searching

• Zoomable illustrations

Links have been added between translations and their equivalent entry in the other language

Please note - due to Android app size limits, all audio and image content is hosted online and requires an internet connection to access.


Longman Diccionario Conciso

【免費教育App】Longman Diccionario Conciso-APP點子

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【免費教育App】Longman Diccionario Conciso-APP點子

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