Loop Community: Prime

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

Using MultiTracks, Loops and ClickTracks in worship has never been this easy.

Looking for the best way to enhance the sound of your live worship band?

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

Having trouble finding musicians for your weekly service?

Do you want to bring professional studio sound to your stage?

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

Loop Community Prime is the easiest way to integrate loops, multi-tracks, and click tracks in your worship service or live performance. Every track from your LoopCommunity.com account is available to you in Prime and can be remixed in our custom 18 channel audio mixer. Get creative and remix your tracks differently every time you play!

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子


- Choose the Key and Tempo of every song

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

- 18 Channel Mixer with ON/OFF, SOLO and Decibel Loudness Meters

- Auto-Panning from headphone jack: Click and Cues are panned LEFT, Music Tracks are panned RIGHT

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

- Auto-Advance option for song transitions

- Waveform Overview for every song

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

- Create and Save Setlists

- Add a ClickTrack Metronome to any setlist

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

- Skip ahead in songs

- Access all of your LoopCommunity.com tracks

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

- Import your own audio files via LoopCommunity.com with our custom Prime uploader.

- MIDI Integration with the Looptimus USB Controller

【免費新聞App】Loop Community: Prime-APP點子

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