Lord's Prayer Playbook

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“The Lord’s Prayer Playbook® effectively and creatively captures the messages of my seven sermons on the Lord’s Prayer. Its play-like presentation of a fictional story with five human and relatable characters will captivate readers of all ages and help anyone connect to the seven powerful messages of the Lord’s Prayer.”

【免費書籍App】Lord's Prayer Playbook-APP點子

--- Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life.

Ideal for ages 8 through adult, this story is designed to be read aloud, like a play, without memorization, in a special role-play format for multiple readers (includes one easier role, two medium roles, and two harder roles). Each character’s dialogue appears in a different color to help readers easily identify their roles. Each person reads from his or her own copy of the story or shares with another reader. Roleplay reading is a fun activity for everyone and is a great alternative to watching TV or playing video games!

This “Dinner Version” is divided into seven parts for seven nights of entertaining dinner reading and discussion for a family to enjoy together.

In this engaging fictional story, five modern-day characters find themselves in a situation and realize they need to pray. As they say the Lord’s Prayer together, they become vocal about their own worries, regrets, and uncontrollables. As they try to interpret the prayer, they realize they can find God’s solutions to all their struggles entrenched within it.

With contemporary dialogue interwoven within the seven powerful messages that make up The Lord’s Prayer, this story brings a fun and practical perspective to which readers of all ages can relate making it ideal for families, teens, and adults. Because it can help anyone appreciate the meaning and purpose behind this profound prayer, it also makes an inspiring performance or Bible study for any church, ministry, or small group. Over 30 bible references are included throughout the story.

【免費書籍App】Lord's Prayer Playbook-APP點子


Have each of your readers download this story app. Choose your story character(s) matching reader’s age, reading skill, or desire for an easier, medium or harder role. If you have fewer readers than roles, one or more readers can simply take more than one role. If you have more readers than roles, then readers can share roles.

Bring your story and characters to life with creativity and personality! This is what makes roleplay reading so much fun!

To purchase printed copies of these and similar stories, visit www.roleplayreader.com.

【免費書籍App】Lord's Prayer Playbook-APP點子

【免費書籍App】Lord's Prayer Playbook-APP點子

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