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Live a life you'll love…go to the hottest parties, meet new friends, and date celebrities. Build up your wardrobe by shopping at the most fashionable stores, then show off your glamorous new clothes at the club. Pursue your own dreams with a career as a model, actor or singer! Become a top guy or top girl in your hot career! Party with REAL players. You'll live a fabulous life in Love Life! Download this fashion game for guys and girls NOW for FREE!

- Customize your look with the hottest fashion. Go shopping at 5 different stores and choose from 500+ dresses, shirts, purses, shoes, and accessories!

- Visit the salon and get a makeover! Choose from over 20 different hair styles! Dye your hair with 8 possible colors!

- Feeling tired? Visit the Cafe for an energy boost from coffee or an iced latte!

- Select one of THREE possible glamorous careers! Become a model, actor/actress, or singer! Earn your place on the red carpet and become a superstar idol! You might be chased by paparazzi!

- Hang out at the coolest nightclubs. Make friends with REAL players and flirt with guys & girls! Become a VIP!

- Find a BOYFRIEND or GIRLFRIEND and go out on dates! Kiss, sing, and talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend to upgrade your relationship!

- Play WITH FRIENDS: add your Facebook friends to play! Invite friends via email or SMS! Hang out with friends at the movies or the mall!

- Android tablets supported!

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【免費休閒App】Love Life-APP點子

【免費休閒App】Love Life-APP點子

【免費休閒App】Love Life-APP點子

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