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Lucid dreaming is the act of taking control of your dreams to change the world around you and enjoy living out a virtual sort of fantasy within your head. Even the best virtual reality programming is still hundreds of years behind the brain's own ability to create realities both wonderful and mysterious. We spend around one third of our lives asleep. Imagine living an adventure in paradise a third of your life from here on out with our Lucid Dreaming Brainwave.

***How Does It Work?

The different types of sleep all have a corresponding brainwave pattern associated with it. Alpha is for relaxation and creativity, Theta is the realm of dreams, and Delta is the pattern for deep sleep. But how can we get your subconscious mind to wake up without waking the conscious mind?

The key to Lucid Dreaming is going through the Delta and Theta states like usual, but instead of reaching the full Alpha state, dip back into Theta before you wake. Your subconscious will awaken, but your conscious mind will stay asleep as you return to your dreams. Your subconscious will think you are awake, giving you control of the world around you, but you will be dreaming.

【免費健康App】Lucid Dream-APP點子

Our Lucid Dreaming app promotes lucid dreaming by guiding you into deep sleep frequencies, followed by dreaming Theta frequencies. The frequencies will rise, bordering on Alpha, then dip back down to Theta.

The brainwave recording is professionally made and valued at $29.95 on The Unexplainable Store. It's your mind at stake, so assure yourself you are dealing with professionals.


•Professionally built Isochronic tones with high sound quality

【免費健康App】Lucid Dream-APP點子

•Take control of your dream and live a third of your life as you please

•Detailed usage instructions for best user experience

•Well-designed and user-friendly interface

•Support background playback

•Repeat time and screen auto-lock settings

•Five visualization patterns to choose from

•No extensive practice required

【免費健康App】Lucid Dream-APP點子

•Feel the effects in minutes

【免費健康App】Lucid Dream-APP點子

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