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【免費娛樂App】Lucy French (Official)-APP點子

About Lucy French

Lucy started singing from a young age, singing into a hairbrush whenever she could. Moving to Germany with her family when her Dad was posted there, she took up the trumpet and from then on music became a big part of her life. Lucy taught herself how to play the guitar after her parents bought her first guitar at the age of 8, buying tutorial books and watching videos on the internet.

Lucy always thought of herself as a guitarist until joining a post-hardcore band during secondary school where she started doing backing vocals. At the end of her final school year, Lucy sang and played her very first solo performance to a packed school hall and from then on was hooked. After things didn’t work out with the band, Lucy went solo, going onto record a Live and Loud session for Red Dreams Charity. It was from this that friends and family encouraged her to sing instead of just being the guitarist she was usually recognised as.

After a serious relationship ended, Lucy began to write her own songs after playing mostly covers. It was from this that she wrote her first original song ‘Let Me Go’ which spoke about looking back on a relationship. Believing that she writes honestly and about situations she has experienced herself, Lucy thinks a song should still take you back to the time you wrote it, no matter how many times you play it.

Lucy jokes that she can’t just listen to one genre of music. From this her influences are varied and she believes this shows throughout her songwriting. Her main lyrical influence is from the band ‘The Dangerous Summer’, and she finds the strong lyrics so powerful and emotive that it influences her to write such honest songs. Lucy is also inspired by bands such as Bury Tomorrow, Brand New and Futures, as well as acoustic artists Ben Howard, Charlie Simpson, City and Colour and Bon Iver.

source: otiss music - Hartlepool


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