Lunacy is a Moon-Phase app which not only shows the moon's phase in a 3-D rendering, but also includes a Calendar, a Moon-Dates chart showing the dates and times of significant phases over the course of a year, and a Year-Chart showing the phases every day for a year.

Lunacy shows the current phase of the moon in it's Moon View screen:

    ♦ Current date and phase

    ♦ Displays and accounts for Lunar Libration


    ♦ Next New and Next Full moon dates and times

    ♦ Distance to the moon (center to center)

    ♦ Visible size of the moon scales with distanc

    ♦ Fast-forward mode hypnotically animates phase and libration through time

    ♦ Automatically adjusts view of the moon when in the southern hemisphere (via GPS)

    ♦ Can zoom in or away from the moon


    ♦ NEW: Can rotate the moon to any orientation

    ♦ NEW: Higher resolution lunar imagery from NASA's Clementine project.

    ♦ Alternate lower resolution lunar imagery (still Clementine)

    ♦ Alternate Latitude/Longitude grid


The Calendar screen is a scrollable calendar showing the moon's phase for each day in a traditional week/month calendar format.

The Year Chart screen shows the phases of the moon for a whole year on-screen at once.

    ♦ Works for any year from 2000 to 2200 and beyond.

       Select from:


        ♦ Phase Icons

        ♦ Illumination Percentage Bars

        ♦ and a Heat Map representation

Includes annual charts of Moon Dates screen listing New/Full/1st Quarter/3rd Quarter dates and times.


Includes a Live Wallpaper and Widget each showing the moon in it's current up-to-date phase.

NEW: Displayed dates and times can be either UTC (the default) or in the local time zone.


NEW: Pale Blue Easter Egg.


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