【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

Accident or illness can happen anytime, anywhere. From life-threatening situations to a simple need for local medication, MÁSMÓVIL he!p will be your personal assistant to help and guide you through any medical situation. Have you ever been abroad and struggled to understand the local health services? Don’t worry, we are always here to help at the touch of a button. Simply register online with MÁSMÓVIL he!p and download our free app for your device to ensure you are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of a medical emergency we ensure that local emergency services receive your vital medical information along with your current location so they can assist you quickly. A few minutes can make the difference between life and death so make sure you are protected with our instant help service.

REMEMBER: To access the MÁSMÓVIL he!p emergency service, you must first REGISTER FOR MEMBERSHIP on www.masmovilhelp.com, or PRE-REGISTER with a MÁSMÓVIL dealer to receive an ACTIVATION CODE necessary to complete the registration on the app.



【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

• Upon pressing the Emergency button, your Smartphone will display AMBULANCE and ASSISTANCE buttons.

When the ASSISTANCE button is pressed:

• The MÁSMÓVIL he!p control centre will automatically be called from your phone and an operator will offer immediate assistance in your own language. (currently available languages for operators are listed in the FAQ)

• An SMS message containing your current location will appear on screen

【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

• Your nominated contacts will be instantly notified of both your current location and your emergency situation via SMS

• A push notification with an alarm sound is sent to your mobile device and an alert screen will be displayed. On reaching the scene, emergency services can view the device where medical info will also be shown in the local language (currently available languages for critical medical information are listed in the FAQ)

• The medical information from your profile will be sent to the Operation Control Centre at MÁSMÓVIL he!p along with your current location. Operators will then immediately forward this critical data to the emergency services. (This feature currently only applies in Spain)

When the AMBULANCE button is pressed, the same procedures as above are automatically initiated

【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

• Emergency services in the country you are currently located are automatically called from your phone.

• SMS, nominated contacts notification, and push notification are also initiated as above.

When REPORT ACCIDENT button is pressed, the emergency number of the country you are currently in is automatically called and an SMS sent to your phone with your current location.

When the FIND button is pressed, the options below are displayed:

• RELATIVES: This allows you to search for relatives and friends on MÁSMÓVIL he!p

【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

• PHARMACIES/HOSPITALS: This allows you to find the nearest pharmacy or hospital. See FAQ for countries included.

• WAY BACK: this allows you to save locations and find them from your current position.


【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

Our web portal (accessed from App or Web) gives you access to several functions such as your own and others´ personal details and medical information (others with their approval only). Personal Information can be edited or updated at any time. All personal information is held securely and is not shared with anyone except the emergency services when necessary.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

【免費醫療App】MÁSMÓVIL he!p-APP點子

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