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In the globalized and competitive world of the 21st century, upper management, administration, business, and those behind them, need a stimulus, words of words of wisdom to achieve success, or even perhaps one single piece of crucial advice in moments of crisis.

¿Remember such books or the newspaper section where you came across known sayings? Do you long for such wonderful advice which comes directly from some of the most famous characters in history? Tens of authors and hundreds of Works offer us these tips and solutions which we need, but… do you we know which is the correct book, author or type of advice for each specific moment??

This is the application you have been looking for! With “MBA Quotes” you will have the best teachings and thoughts for your MBA, day to day and for the moment you need, mixed with sayings from world leaders in the business world like other brilliant minds in all continents and through human history.

You will find important concepts of Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Management and Entrepreneurship, all organised in alphabetical order in an elegant style inspired by the world of business.


【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- Valuable teachings and thoughts related to business, literature, politics, war, religion, philosophy and many more.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- Not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of phrases aimed at MBA focussed upon 6 categories: Management, Marketing, Logistics, Investments, Human Resources, Management Skills y Entrepreneurship; each one with diverse sub-categories so you can quickly find the idea musing for the exact moment.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- You will be able to read the phrases from over 1000 people from all over the world and over one hundred billionaires, all alphabetically organised for your ease.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- You know plenty of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or Napoleon Bonaparte… but Tom Peters, Marylin vos Savant or Charles Fillmore? Don’t worry, go to the section of biographies and get to know more about the authors of such phrases in Wikipedia.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- Bored of the same thoughtful colour and Arial Font? Choose from the varied options of style and backgrounds to the App.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- Save your favourite quote. You will be able to re-read it and make the most of it whenever and wherever you may be.

【免費商業App】MBA Coaching Quotes-APP點子

- Do you wish to begin your day inspired? Set your alarm to show a daily phrase, or even weekly or monthly. In this way you can begin a busy day with a useful thought, or if you prefer it when you arrive home before going to sleep… whenever you choose!!

- Share the phrases with your family, friends and collegues via email, Facebook and Twitter.

And so now you know all the uses this application offers for you… What are you waiting for?? Enjoy and recommend this marvellous application to others, it’s a real ‘must have’ in your favourite Android device!

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