MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

Type or voice text your lyrics/barz on the go as the inspiration hits you. Auto save, search, edit & delete projects.Write to any music file (wav./mp3) such as instrumentals for your lyrics. On your way to the Studio while your producer awaits and cooks up a beat at 89bpm? (Of course you are) just set the metronome tempo to 89bpm tap the metronome button and start writing to the tempo,Your lyrics/barz will fit perfectly to your producers beat. Need a little inspiration while writing? Drag and drop up to two photos stored on your android device onto your project for instant inspiration such as photos of your favorite artists, family, inspirational figures etc. Change your font style,color and size for a different look. Stuck on a word? Search words on a dictionary, rhyme dictionary or thesaurus. Are you a ghost writer? Email your lyrics to clients, yourself etc. MBOR is the official app for any and all songwriters. An artists must have tool on any android device.

GET YOUR BARZ WRITE! (Big Update Coming Soon)


How to use:

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

Simply Swipe Sides For Buttons, Tap Bottom For Music Player


Transfering Projects Into Another Device:

Upon Installing (MBOR) A MBOR Backup Folder Is Created For Your Projects.

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

Simply Copy The MBOR Folder With Projects You Wish To Transfer Into New Device Replacing Exsisting Folder.


Features Include

- in app music player

- in app metronome & tempo setting

- drag & drop photos for inspiration

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

- intro,chorus,verse 1-3, bridge & outro buttons

- auto save, edit and delete projects

- auto backup projects

- dictionary

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

- rhyme dictionary

- thesaurus

- change font style

- change font color

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

- change font size

- search for project

- email projects

- buttons have sound FX

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

- clean UI

- user friendly

- 4 track coming soon in update 1.1 (Pro Version)

【免費音樂App】MBOR (My Book Of Rhymes)-APP點子

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