MD's Pizza

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Download MD’s Pizza Android App on your cell phone and order crunchy meals in simple touch, pick and pay fashion.

No more driving to the outlets, dialing numbers or sitting in front of a computer to enjoy your favorite pizza’s and Italian delicacies. Simply grab your smart phone, pounce on menu or pick from your favorites and have steaming MD’s pizzas delivered at your door steps.

Sizzling Features of MD’s App:

MD’s Pizza – Tap icon to access Food Menu, Order History, Outlets, Feedback & Favorites

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Customization – Easy customization of Crusts & Toppings

Veg & Non. Veg – Toggle with ease to match your preference

Order Details – Tap the list to see your order

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Notes to Kitchen – Leave special notes for chef

Delivered or Take Away – You have a choice!

Coupon Redeem – Avail offer & discounts to save those bucks

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Order History – Previous orders archived safely

Multiple Address – Addresses are saved automatically for easy re-ordering

MD’s Menu:

3 Series – Pizza’s categorized in 3 tasty series

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Signature series – Grab a bite of MD’S Veg & Non. Veg Special’s

Pepperoni Series - Delux Italian, Pepperoni Delight

Bread – Classic Garlic, Corn, Chilli, Cheese Toast

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Pasta – Tomato Arrabiata, White Sauce Alfredo Pasta

Stromboli – Crunchy serve with option of Veg & Non.Veg

Salad – Feta Greek, Caesar, Pasta and Basil Corn

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

Bytes – Hot Dog and Chicken wings

Meals – Ready to go combo’s

Beverages – Pepsi, Coke, Sprite & Fanta

Have this app handy as when hunger strikes and taste buds tickle... it’s hard to wait!

【免費購物App】MD's Pizza-APP點子

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