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This educational reference app is an amazing resource to the Medical Marijuana Patient. This app is dedicated to those patients who prefer and/or are not able to consume there medical cannabis in a smokeable format. This app will teach you how to convert your cannabis into and edible form as well as show you how to intergrate those edible forms in to everyday recipes. We offer a section called Budgrediants to teach you the conversion process. We also offer 5 different categories for you to choose when in the day you would like to use your budgrediants.


- Breakfast

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Snacks & Appetizers

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

- Desserts

This is our initial release which includes 60 recipes and growing. Check out CannApps.com and our forums for additional support!

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

***This version will be updated at a slower pace compared to the paid version***

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

****Version 1.1****

Added additional recipes to the deserts section

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

****Version 1.2****

This update includes additional recipes for the deserts section and a new screen for other apps.

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

****Version 1.3****

This update features a new live tile, updated to Mango, new share feature that will allow you to post to your facebook wall to brag to your friends that you are using this awesome app on your WP7 device!

【免費書籍App】MJ's CookBook Free-APP點子

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