MJ's Grow Guide

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

This educational app will teach you all the steps required to have a successful harvest of Medical Marijuana. This app is intended for patients looking for an economical source for their medicine. This app has several sections including:

- Seeding

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

- Cloning

- Transplanting

- Plant Type

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

- Hydro Grow

- Indoor Grow

- Outdoor Grow

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

- Harvesting

- Important Tips

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

This app also includes several Nutrient Calculators for both the vegetative state and flowering state. The calculators are in each of the three different types of growing methods.

****Version 1.0****

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

Initial Release

****Version 1.1****

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

Updated to Mango, New Live Tile, Updated input style on nutrient calculators, New Share feature that will allow you to brag about using this awesome app on your WP7 on your FB page.

【免費書籍App】MJ's Grow Guide-APP點子

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