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MP3 Music Downloader - The best MP3 downloader available in the market!

Search, downloads and listens to all the free songs, audio clips, and copyleft MP3 music files licensed under Creative Commons anywhere and anytime.

Some unique features:

【免費新聞App】MP3 Music Downloader ♬ Pro-APP點子

- Blazing fast search results and downloads

- Multiple search engines/channels

- Stream MP3 music files before downloading

- Lyrics

- Clean, smooth and simple user friendly interface

【免費新聞App】MP3 Music Downloader ♬ Pro-APP點子

Please note that this is only a public search engine and we do not maintain any database of our own. Sometimes, some non CC licensed songs / mp3 files / audio clips may inadvertently get into the search results and if so, please notify us immediately so that, we may in accordance with it, update our algorithm to effectively filters out any such contents from ever getting into the result page again for any future searches.

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