MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014

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MPL - Mizcoin Premier League - The Best Cricket game of the season is back again. For the first time ever you will experience the thrill and excitement of MULTIPLAYER gaming.

MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014 :

For Every CRICKET fan out there, the ULTIMATE CRICKET game of the season 2014 is here. This game has some of the best graphics which makes you an addict of the game even more. Fantastic controls that make the whole experience so real that you would keep playing it for hours.


For the first time in history of cricket games you will be able to play against your friends in real time. Challenge your friends online and beat them to show what you got. A maximum of 4 players and minimum of 2 players can play the multiplayer match.


After every 2 overs , player with least score will be knocked out.Last man standing wins the Multiplayer match.

Winning is decided based on these simple rules in same order of priority :

-Maximum runs

【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

-Least wickets

-Maximum sixes

-Maximum fours

【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

-Least dot balls

-If all these criteria's are same for both players then the player with highest previous over score wins.


Whenever you win a single player match or a multiplayer match you win COINS which helps you play in bigger Multiplayer tournaments.


【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

Now you have got 2 TOURNAMENT formats to choose from and play as you like.

Choose any team and play the MPL 2014 tournament. Beat the teams and take home the MPL Trophy.


When you do not have a lot of time and just want a quick dose of cricket game, choose this and quickly start & beat your opponent.You have the options to choose from 8 teams.


【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

Amateur ? Don't worry, Practice match helps you understand the ease of shots and makes you familiar with the stadium and pitch..!! Take your time and get ready for the ultimate Tournament.


You don't have a target to chase. So score as much as you can & top the leaderboards.


This game has the most detailed stats possible and has all the updated score. Over by over

【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

stats of bowlers and batsmen to create an experience you will love.


The most authentic sounds ever heard in any cricket game.


You've got 3 difficulty levels to choose from , Easy, Medium, Hard. So if you think you've mastered the game you can challenge yourself with the Hard level.


【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

You can also select the number of Overs that you wish to play.

In a hurry ? Try the new 5 over format.


# Multiplayer gaming

# Newest tournaments

【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

# To date, the best Cricket game of the season 2014.

# The game is easy to play.

# Really Addictive and can lower down your productivity

【免費體育競技App】MPL Cricket Fever Game 2014-APP點子

# Stats covering every aspect of the Match

# High quality graphics

What are you waiting for ?

Download and enjoy..!!

Disclaimer :

@2014 MPL Cricket Fever 2014 , MPL (Mizcoin Premier League) Sports are the trade marks of Mizcoin Technologies Pvt. Ltd.All rights reserved.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.No player, team, association or organization endorses or is associated or connected with this software product in any way and we make no representation of any such endorsement ,association or connection.No image or likeness of any player, club, association or organization is used in this software product.And any similarity with any graphical element is coincidental.All statistics are researched or computer generated and intended to be fair.They are not intended to be and should not be relied upon or considered a true reflection of the abilities or performance of any individual player.

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