MPS MoneyLog Free

【免費財經App】MPS MoneyLog Free-APP點子

MPS MoneyLog - quick and easy expenses / income recording. To log and evaluate your own finances. Simple user interface with key features for effective use.


• Direct entry of a new entry on start page

• Add or change entries afterwards

• Each entry is assigned to a description, category and recipient or sender

• Add notes for each entry (optional)

• Show total list (log) for all entries

• Use filter to display required entries only

• Sort the log ascending or descending by date

• Quick evaluation by displaying the daily and total sum

• Statistics for monthly and annual totals as well as monthly average

【免費財經App】MPS MoneyLog Free-APP點子

• Backup and restore the database on an SD card (allows transfer between Free version and Pro version)

Customized settings:

• Background color (light / dark)

• Language (German / English)

• Date (short / extended format)

• Export date (short format)

• Date separator (dot / dash / slash)

• Time (24 or 12 hour format)

• Decimal separator (comma / point)

• First day of the week (every day of the week)

Also in the Pro version:

• Export filtered entries to CSV or HTML file to an SD card or directly via email for further use on the PC

• CSV files import

【免費財經App】MPS MoneyLog Free-APP點子

• Ad-Free


Income, revenue, expenses, expenditure, recording, protocol, book of household accounts, cost monitoring, cost control, finance, budget, money

【免費財經App】MPS MoneyLog Free-APP點子

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