MSScholarship Eng IT Free

【免費教育App】MSScholarship Eng IT Free-APP點子

Hello Friends.. Appearing for 4th standard scholarship exam and bored by studying hard?

Here is the new and fun way of preparing for the exam...

MSscholarship English & IT Free is a quiz game. It gives you a feel of our main app MSscholarship English & IT available in google play which is a combined application

for preparing English ,Intelligence test and science and has lots of questions to practice. You can select the number of questions. Each question carries 2 marks and

there is no negative marking.

You can even check your score and the time you have taken ... We will keep on adding new questions to help you improve further and ensure Success, Nothing less

In free version you can take a trial of 5 questions ... So go ahead and give it a go

【免費教育App】MSScholarship Eng IT Free-APP點子

【免費教育App】MSScholarship Eng IT Free-APP點子

【免費教育App】MSScholarship Eng IT Free-APP點子

【免費教育App】MSScholarship Eng IT Free-APP點子

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