Macbarbie07 is a place filled with beauty and fashion tips!

Macbarbie07 is a teenage girl who loves to play around and experiment with clothing and makeup!

If my videos can just brighten one persons day, that means so much to me. I love all of my viewers and am very thank...

Macbarbie's real name is Bethany,and she also has a sister named Brittney who also has her own youtube channel. Bethany, not so surprisingly, has been in Seventeen(magazinezine if you didn't know). Personally, her hair, makeup, and outfits are out of this world, but the products she used in practically every video are a little pricey.

She started her channel in 2009. Bethany is amongst the top 10 most subscribed gurus on YT with more than 1 Million subscribers as of November 6th 2012 and is one of the most viewed. She rose to popularity because of her brilliantly edited videos, fun and bubbly personality adored by many. She is also considered a role model by her viewers who say that "She is always positive".


She is associated with Seventeen Magazine. Bethany also is a host on AwesomenessTV on YT. Her shows are called IMO- a talk show and MMO - a make over show.

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