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【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

Mad Contacts Widget is a great looking contacts and dialer widget. You can call, sms, email or edit your selected contacts straight from your home screen.

- Choose from 4 widget sizes and more then 10 tailored layouts with both small/big contact pictures. Or now choose a fully resizable widget with either big or small contact pictures, sized from 1x1 up to 8x6 on bigger devices! (1 to 48 contacts!)

- Now possible to fill your widget with any of your contact groups and sort them by alphabetical order or most times/last time contacted.

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

- Now Supports WhatsApp (Show/hide Call, Sms, WhatsApp and Email buttons by going to widget preferences/contact screen options.)

- Pick any color for the text, the border and the background of your widget(s).

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

- Layouts contain small and big contact icons.

- Keeps the last selected phone number, sms number and email address of all your contacts.

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

- Compatible with tablets (You need a sim card if you want to place calls or sms)

Notes ---------------------------------------

- This is a widget. Add it to your homescreen by going to your apps screen, choose the widgets tab, choose from 4 fixed sizes or the resizable Mad Contact Widget, press and hold it and add it where you want on your homescreen.

- The facebook app doesn't allow 3rd party applications access to facebook contact photos and numbers/emails. To view your facebook contacts pictures in Mad Contacts, I suggest you use Ubersync (free)

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

Contact Info -------------------------------------

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

Please contact me for any question/problem before leaving a bad review.

Thank you

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Mad Contacts Widget-APP點子

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